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Learn the ancient Taoist arts of Tai Chi and Meditation from Master Healer / Master Teacher, Mr. Tai Chi

Do you believe that you can accomplish all things?

Learn the ancient healing art of Tai Chi

Whether you are a complete beginner, advanced student, or looking to become a certified instructor of Tai Chi, we have the right class for you!

Introduction to Tai Chi

This introductory class on the basic movements and breathing techniques of Tai Chi is the perfect place to start if you are new to Tai Chi, or just want to continue your practice.

Advanced Tai Chi

In this class you will learn the applications and advanced breathing techniques of Tai Chi Chuan. This class is for advanced practitioners only, must have instructor permission to attend.

Learn to Heal with Tai Chi

This master class incorporates a highly experiential immersion into cutting edge discussions about how to utilize the Taoist art of Tai Chi Chuan to therapeutically enhance the Healing Response.


Learn from a Master Teacher

Mr Tai Chi, preeminent Master Healer and Master Teacher, embodies many years of experience and wisdom along with an unsurpassed knowledge base, as he takes you on a deeply profound journey of spiritual healing. A virtuoso of the Healing Arts, Tao Shih draws from the great Wisdom Traditions of Taoism and pioneers contemporary achievements.

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What is Tai Chi??

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. This form of exercise uses slow and deliberative movement. Tai Chi calms the nerves, tones the muscles and balances your internal energy. It builds strength, enhances balance and cultivates grace. In addition, the regular practice of Tai Chi may even slow down the aging process, help you to maintain agility and promote and enhance the internal functions of your body. This low impact exercise can be done anywhere because it requires no equipment or special clothing.

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Tai Chi Anchorage | Senior Instructors

Shima Lee Ann Benko

Da Lao Shih Gretchen Holbrook

Da Lao Shih Seraphim Stapleton